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Latest Security Alerts




Gandcrab Ransomware Actively Spreading In The Wild

The SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research Team observed reports of a new variant family of Gandcrab Ransomware [Gandcrab.RSM] actively spreading in the wild. Gandcrab Ransomw...


Rig Exploit Kit Remains Active Delivering Malicious Payloads

RIG EK has been the most popular exploit kit with many different malicious payloads. Compromised domains are injected with malicious iframes to redirect the users visiting tho...


Sonicwall Rtdmi Engine Identifies Malicious Vba Macro Laced Ms Office Document In Real Time May 22 2018 2 2

SonicWall RTDMI engine identified a new malware campaign using malicious Microsoft Office Document files. The document file contains VBA macro code, which gets triggered once...


Sigrun 1 0 Ramsomware Spotted May 25 2018

The SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research Team have observed reports of ransomware named Sigrun, after the Norse mythological figure.  As expected, this Trojan encrypts files...

Latest Company News


Western Networks Supports Animals in Need with LAPS

Western Networks is proud to sponsor the photo booth at the upcoming LAPS (Langley Animal Protection Society) 10th Annual Furry Tail Endings Gala, An Enchanted Ball on Saturday, November 4, 2017 at the Coast Hotel & Convention Centre in Langley. It will be a formal-dress evening of dining, dancing, and entertainment, with a silent and live auction. Proceeds go to helping protect and promote the physical, emotional, and psychological well being of companion animals in Langley. This will be a great event for a great cause!

More information and tickets are available through LAPS by phone or in person. Purchase information is here.

The results of the LAPS Dream Vacation Lottery will be announced at the Gala, as well. Tickets for the LAPS $5000 Dream Vacation Lottery are available in advance. Purchase information is here.

Come out and support our furry friends while having a "ball" doing it! We'll see you there!


Western Networks Offers In-House Hosting and Spam Protection

Seeing a need for better web, e-mail, and FTP hosting solutions, as well as superior spam-filtering solutions, Western Networks has begun offering in-house answers.

Using a group of servers to offer redundant, fail-safe hosting, Western Networks servers are high performance machines that provide reliable hosting for customer websites and e-mail. Scalability has been achieved through server virtualization, with quick and monitored fail-over in the event of an unresponsive server.

In addition, Western Networks has begun offering spam-filtering solutions via SonicWALL's outstanding Email Security appliance products. SonicWALL's Email Security products offer the best spam and virus protection available, and Western Networks is proud to be able to offer that protection to it's clients at a low cost.

Between the two new service offerings, Western Networks is able to offer an end-to-end e-mail and hosting solution that provides maximum security, excellent spam and virus filtering, and complete control over e-mail flow and hosting for easy diagnostics of any issues that may present themselves.

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